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Apes Of God and many other song lyrics of Sepultura translated into spanish can be found in Translate Lyrics! What does Apes Of God mean in spanish?
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Apes Of God by Sepultura (original lyric)

You can not look at those eyes
There can survive with these lies
Walk what they need,
Ask what you have to miss

It's staining my head
Make my cells

This is thanks to all
I get from you
Food by fear,
Nothing is clear

You me, you hear
You me, you hear

No rest for the consequences of guilt
Facing my own
Doubts about what is
Really Real

I mentioned that I lived again
Lost all fought around the issue by the end
All my hopes fell at the bottom of hell
The womb of Mother Earth
Is bleeding, loss of a

No one can deny our descent

You me, you hear
You me, you hear

Food by fear, there is nothing clear
Walk the walk, talk the talk.

Apes Of God by Sepultura (spanish translation)

No puedes mirar esos ojos
Puede sobrevivir con estas mentiras
Camina lo que necesitan,
Pregunta lo que tienes que perder

Está manchando mi cabeza
Haz mis celdas

Esto es gracias a todos
Me sale de ti
Comida por miedo,
Nada es claro

Tú a mí, escuchas
Tú a mí, escuchas

Sin descanso por las consecuencias de la culpa
Enfrentando mi propio
Dudas sobre lo que es
Realmente real

Mencioné que volví a vivir
Perdí todos lucharon alrededor del problema al final
Todas mis esperanzas cayeron en el fondo del infierno
El útero de la Madre Tierra
Es sangrado, pérdida de un

Nadie puede negar nuestro descenso

Tú a mí, escuchas
Tú a mí, escuchas

Comida por miedo, no hay nada claro
Camina la caminata, habla la charla.

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