Spanish translation of Lament Of Federico by Andrea Bocelli. What does Lament Of Federico mean in spanish
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Lament Of Federico and many other song lyrics of Andrea Bocelli translated into spanish can be found in Translate Lyrics! What does Lament Of Federico mean in spanish?
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Lament Of Federico by Andrea Bocelli (original lyric)

It's the usual story of the shepherd ...
The poor boy wanted to say it,
but fell asleep.
In sleep there is oblivion.
How I envy him!
If only I could find sleep like this -
to find, at least, oblivion in my sleep!
I only want to find peace:
if only I could forget everything.
But all my struggle is in vain..
I still see her sweet face before me!
And peace has left me for ever...
why do I have to suffer so much pain?
She always speaks straight to my heart!
Oh fatal vision, leave me alone!
You wound me so much!
Oh poor me!

Lament Of Federico by Andrea Bocelli (spanish translation)

Es la historia habitual del pastor ...
El pobre chico quería decirlo,
pero se durmió.
En el sueño hay olvido.
¡Cómo lo envidio!
Si pudiera encontrar sueño así,
para encontrar, al menos, el olvido en mi sueño!
Solo quiero encontrar la paz
si solo pudiera olvidarme de todo.
Pero toda mi lucha es en vano ...
¡Aún veo su dulce cara frente a mí!
Y la paz me ha dejado para siempre ...
¿Por qué tengo que sufrir tanto dolor?
Ella siempre habla directamente a mi corazón!
Oh visión fatal, déjame en paz!
¡Me heriste tanto!
¡Oh, pobre de mí!

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