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Novia Mía by Zacarias Ferreira (original lyric)

Esta novia ma, va a ser mi tormento
De noche de noche y de da, no s lo que siento
Cara tan bonita
Cara tan bonita la de mi tormento
Novia ma, novia ma, cascabel de plata y oro
Tienes que ser mi mujer, Novia ma, novia ma
Es tu cara de azucena no que te voy a perder
Por llevarte a los altares. Larirura cantar con alegra
Que sin ti no quiero a nadie
Novia ma, novia ma
Novia ma, novia ma

Novia Mía by Zacarias Ferreira (english translation)

This girlfriend is going to be my torment
From night to night and from da, I do not know what I feel
So beautiful face
So beautiful face of my torment
Bride ma, ma bride, silver and gold bell
You have to be my wife, Bride ma, girlfriend ma
It's your lily face, not that I'm going to lose you
For taking you to the altars. Larirura sing with joy
That without you I do not want anyone
Bride ma, girlfriend ma
Bride ma, girlfriend ma

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