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Dos Amantes and many other song lyrics of Raulin Rodríguez translated into english can be found in Translate Lyrics! What does Dos Amantes mean in english?
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Dos Amantes by Raulin Rodríguez (original lyric)

En un cuarto dos amantes
Conversaban de su amor
Mientras sus caras mojada de llanto
Humedecian con dolor

Cuanto siento! marcharme
Tenemos que despertar
Pues tu sabes
Que me esperan en casa
Mañara te llamare

Y decirte que tu eres
Importante en mi vivir
Y aunque tarde ayas llegado ami vida
Siempre te amare

Te vere a la misma hora
En la misma habitacion
Lloraremos sonreiremos unidos
En pasion los dos
Los dos
Locos de amor

Dos Amantes by Raulin Rodríguez (english translation)

In a room two lovers
They talked about their love
While their faces wet from crying
Humedecian with pain

How much I feel! leave
We have to wake up
So You know
What await me at home
Ma? Ara will call you

And tell you that you are
Important in my life
And although later, alas, my life came
Always love You

I'll see you at the same time
In the same room
We will cry we will smile together
In passion the two
Locos of love

Only among all we can make this a better place :)

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