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Junto a ti by Natalia Lafourcade (original lyric)

Ya no me preguntes mas no oigo
ya no puedo ni pensar en otra cosa
que no sea tu sonrisa que ya quiero estrenar
porque apenas y te siento entre mis dedos

Quiero verte un día más y platicar
aunque ayer te vi igual no importa
porque solo quiero oír tu voz
conversar analizarte o algo mas
lo ocasiona mi cerebro o un sentimiento

Como seria si no puedo respirar si tú me miras
Y hoy no quiero despertar de mi orgía de ensueños
Junto a ti en una vida.

porque tendría una forma de olvidar la agonía
y a tu lado poder arreglar el dia
y no puedo esperar un rato mas.

Porque tendria una forma de olvidar si tu me miras
y a tu lado despertar de mi orgia
de estar junto a ti un rato mas.

Junto a ti by Natalia Lafourcade (english translation)

Do not ask me anymore but I do not hear
I can not even think about anything else
that is not your smile that I already want to release
because just and I feel you between my fingers

I want to see you one more day and talk
although yesterday I saw you the same no matter
because I just want to hear your voice
discuss analyze yourself or something else
it's caused by my brain or a feeling

How would it be if I can not breathe if you look at me
And today I do not want to wake up from my dream orgy
With you in a life.

because I would have a way to forget the agony
and at your side to fix the day
and I can not wait a little longer.

Because I would have a way to forget if you look at me
and to your side wake up from my gang
to be with you a while longer.

Only among all we can make this a better place :)

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