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Alimento de la vida and many other song lyrics of Natalia Lafourcade translated into english can be found in Translate Lyrics! What does Alimento de la vida mean in english?
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Alimento de la vida by Natalia Lafourcade (original lyric)

Hay hojas
En el cielo de un bosque

Y las toco si vuelo
Me pican

Las ramas
Que hay más secas
Mi cuerpo

Se rompen
Y después se caen
Se llevan el miedo

Hay veces
Que no puedo explicarte nada
Y todo se convierte en fantasmas
No es real

Tu sabes
Que si miento me pierdo
O cuando
El miedo
Me invade me acaba comiendo

Alimento de la vida
es el amor
Alimenta las heridas
Calma el dolor

Alimento de la vida by Natalia Lafourcade (english translation)

There are leaves
In the sky of a forest

And I touch them if I fly
They sting me

The branches
That there are more dry
They embrace
My body

They break
And then they fall
They are afraid

There are times
That I can not explain anything to you
And everything becomes ghosts
It's not real

You know
What if I lie I lose
Or when
The fear
It invades me I just eat

Food of life
it is love
Feed the wounds
Calm the pain

Only among all we can make this a better place :)

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