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Amada by Marc Anthony (original lyric)

Este amor que tu me has dado
Amor que no esperaba es aquel que yo soñé
Va creciendo como el fuego
La verdad es que a tu lado es hermoso dar amor
Y es que tu amada amante
Das la vida en un instante, sin pedir ningun favor
Este amor siempre sincero
Sin saber lo que es el miedo no parece ser real
Que me importa haber sufrido
Si ya tengo lo más bello que me da felicidad
En un mundo tan ingrato
Solo tu amada amante lo das todo por amor
Amada amante (repeat x2)
Y es que tu amada amante das la vida en un instante

Amada by Marc Anthony (english translation)

This love that you have given me
Love that I did not expect is the one that I am?
It grows like fire
The truth is that at your side it is beautiful to give love
And it is that your beloved lover
You give life in an instant, without asking any favor
This always sincere love
Not knowing what fear is does not seem to be real
I care that I have suffered
If I already have the most beautiful thing that gives me happiness
In such an ungrateful world
Only your beloved lover gives everything for love.
Beloved lover (repeat x2)
And is that your beloved lover gives life in an instant

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