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No Sufras Madre and many other song lyrics of Los Tigres Del Norte translated into english can be found in Translate Lyrics! What does No Sufras Madre mean in english?
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No Sufras Madre by Los Tigres Del Norte (original lyric)

Voy por la vida, triste y desolado
lleno de angustia y dolor mortal

Al recordar, de mis pobres padres
de mis hermanos y mi dulce hogar

Mi pobre madre, que me dio existencia
mi pobre padre, que me dio este ser

Donde estarán, llorando por mi ausencia
sin esperanza, de volverme a ver

Mi pobre madre, muy desconsolada
llorando triste, sin poderme ver

No sufras madre, busca tu consuelo
es mi destino sufrir y padecer

Si acaso muero, por mi triste vida
padre y hermanos, con todo mi ser

Velen el cuerpo, de un hijo querido
que por su ignorancia, no supo comprender

Adiós oh madre, con dolor profundo
tal vez sera, por ultima ocasión

Solo te pido, me des en este mundo
tu maternal y santa bendición.

No Sufras Madre by Los Tigres Del Norte (english translation)

I go through life, sad and desolate
full of anguish and mortal pain

Remembering, from my poor parents
from my brothers and my sweet home

My poor mother, who gave me existence
my poor father, who gave me this being

Where they will be, crying for my absence
hopeless to see me again

My poor mother, very disconsolate
crying sad, unable to see me

Don't suffer mother, seek your comfort
It is my destiny to suffer and suffer

If I die, for my sad life
Father and brothers, with all my being

Watch the body of a dear son
that because of his ignorance, he didn't understand

Goodbye oh mother, in deep pain
maybe it will be, for the last time

I only ask you, give me in this world
Your motherly and holy blessing.

Only among all we can make this a better place :)

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