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Recibe toda la gloria and many other song lyrics of Julio Melgar translated into english can be found in Translate Lyrics! What does Recibe toda la gloria mean in english?
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Recibe toda la gloria by Julio Melgar (original lyric)

Quiero levantar a ti mis manos

Maravilloso Jesús

Milagroso señor

Llena este lugar con tu presencia

Y has descender tu poder a los que estamos aquí

Creo en ti Jesús.....

Y lo que haras en mí

En mí, en mí

( coro)

Recibe toda la gloria

Toda la honra
Precioso hijo de Dios

// recibe toda la gloria, recibe toda la honra
precioso hijo de DIOS//.

Recibe toda la gloria by Julio Melgar (english translation)

I want to raise my hands to you

Wonderful Jesus?

Miracle Lord

Fill this place with your presence
And have you lowered your power to those of us here?

I believe in you Jesus .....

And what will you do in me?

In me ?, in me?

( chorus)

Receive all the glory

All the honor
Precious son of God

// receive all the glory, receive all the honor
precious son of GOD //.

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