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Fingir by Jerry Rivera (original lyric)

Me entregue a la furia de tus besos, y te ame como
nadie te amara, fui tu esclavo secreto y es por eso,
que me pagas con olvido y soledad.

Te esperaba en la sombra de la noche, donde tu me sabias
encontrar, cuando huias del dolor y del reproche y en
mis brazos te solias refugiar.

Sera que todo lo vivido no es mentira ni es verdad, que
soy el unico testigo de esta historia y nadie mas, sera
que te has desentendido que no quieres recordar, que si
el amor es conocido fue conmigo y nadie mas.

Como vez perdone tu hipocrecia, y al final sin saber me
resigne, a vivir un amor de fantasia, eras mia cuando
no estabas con el, la verdad duele mas que la mentira
por eso es que aprendemos a fingir.

Fingir by Jerry Rivera (english translation)

I surrender to the fury of your kisses, and I love you as
nobody will love you, I was your secret slave and that's why,
that you pay me with forgetfulness and loneliness.

I was waiting for you in the shadow of the night, where you knew me
 find, when you run away from pain and reproach and in
 my arms you take refuge.

It will be that everything lived is not a lie nor is it true, that
 I am the only witness of this story and nobody else, it will be
 that you have disregarded that you do not want to remember, that if
 Love is known was with me and nobody else.

As I forgive your hypocrisy, and in the end without knowing me
 resigne, to live a fantasy love, you were mine when
you were not with him, the truth hurts more than the lie
That's why we learn to pretend.

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