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Chiquilla by Jerry Rivera (original lyric)

Chiquilla tu eres todo para mi
chiquilla tan sencilla y tan sutil
has despertado en mi, los deseos de vivir
pues muerto estaba yo y tu me has hecho revivir.

Chiquilla que romantico es sentir
chiquilla tu corazon latir
es una sensacion inigualable
y nada impedira que yo te ame.

Chiquilla tu eres la luz que me ilumina
tienes esa fuerza que domina
todos los sentidos de mi vida.
Chiquilla tu eres el faro que me guia
quiero estar contigo noche y dia
y quiero que sepas vida mia
que si me dejaras moriria.

coro: chiquilla, chiquilla

Chiquilla by Jerry Rivera (english translation)

Chiquilla, you are everything for me
girl so simple and so subtle
you have awakened in me, the desire to live
I was dead and you made me come alive again.

Little girl that romantic is feeling
little girl, your heart beat
it is an unparalleled sensation
and nothing will prevent me from loving you.

You are the light that illuminates me
you have that strength that dominates
all the senses of my life.
Chiquilla you are the lighthouse that guides me
I want to be with you night and day
and I want you to know my life
that if you would let me die.

chorus: chiquilla, chiquilla

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