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Mi espejo y mi noche and many other song lyrics of David Aguilar translated into english can be found in Translate Lyrics! What does Mi espejo y mi noche mean in english?
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Mi espejo y mi noche by David Aguilar (original lyric)

Mi espejo leido
es un rio por mis poros
mi noche nadada
es un libro a mis ojos
mi espejo me rapta
buscando mis ojos
mi noche se hiere filosa
en mis poros

mi espejo cangrejo
azulejo perplejo
mi noche reflejo
parejo al cangrejo

mi espejo es derroche
fantoche de noche
mi noche es complejo
despejo en derroche

mi espejo es espejo
despejo despejo
mi noche es la noche
de noche de noche

mi espejo aparece
a favor de las luces
mi noche no avanza
encontrarla lo obscuro

me espejo le dice a la luna
sal tarde
mi noche se acerca
coqueta rompiendo

mi espejo especula
mi noche tardada
y miedosa de luces

mi espejo entristece
si parte la noche
mi noche se mece
partiendo al espejo

mi espejo es arpejeo
de sed de arcoiris
mi noche es acorde
del sueño del iris

Mi espejo y mi noche by David Aguilar (english translation)

My mirror read
It is a river through my pores
my night swim
it's a book to my eyes
my mirror abducts me
looking for my eyes
my night is hurting
in my pores

my crab mirror
perplexed tile
my reflection night
even to the crab

my mirror is waste
night puppet
my night is complex
waste in waste

my mirror is a mirror
clearing clearing
my night is the night
night at night

my mirror appears
in favor of lights
my night does not advance
find it obscure

I mirror tells the moon
jump of
my night is coming
flirtatious breaking

my mirror speculates
my late night
and afraid of lights

my mirror saddens
if you leave the night
my night rocks
leaving to the mirror

my mirror is arpejeo
of thirst for rainbow
my night is in agreement
of the iris dream

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