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Mi boca ya es de ti and many other song lyrics of David Aguilar translated into english can be found in Translate Lyrics! What does Mi boca ya es de ti mean in english?
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Mi boca ya es de ti by David Aguilar (original lyric)

Velozmente se samplio tu voz
en mi area de imaginaciones
y voy a creer que no es real
tu aparicion

ya me canse de saborear
flores con esencia de mentira en mi
mas mi boca ya es de ti

salpico tu intencion y asi
logra anesteciar mis latidos
para asi aguantar tu risa gris
en mi interior

ya me canse de revivir
los aplausos de mi juicio para ti
mas el mundo ya es de mi

Mi boca ya es de ti by David Aguilar (english translation)

Your voice is swiftly
in my area of ??imagination
and I will believe that it is not real
your appearance

I'm tired of tasting
flowers with essence of lying in me
but my mouth is already of you

spit your intention and so
manages to anesthetize my heartbeat
to hold your gray laugh
Inside me

I'm tired of reliving
the applause of my judgment for you
but the world is already my

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