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Los Dias Crujen and many other song lyrics of David Aguilar translated into english can be found in Translate Lyrics! What does Los Dias Crujen mean in english?
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Los Dias Crujen by David Aguilar (original lyric)

Yo no se en que carretera
Olvide tus ojos
Ni me acuerdo de la luna
Que alumbro tu boca
Ah ah

Los dias rompen
Sobre mis hombros como si nada
Vi pasar la estaciones
Con sus consecuencias

Toma todo lo que quieras
De mi vida abierta
Los dias crujen
Por sus estrellas electrizadas

Los dias rompen sobre mis hombros
Como si nada
Los dias crujen con las estrellas electrizadas

Los Dias Crujen by David Aguilar (english translation)

I do not know which road
Forget your eyes
I do not even remember the moon
That I light up your mouth
Ah ah

The days break
On my shoulders as if nothing
I saw the seasons pass
With its consequences

Take everything you want
Of my open life
The days creak
For its electrified stars

The days break on my shoulders
Like nothing
The days creak with electrified stars

Only among all we can make this a better place :)

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