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Despierta by David Aguilar (original lyric)

Despierta amor
Vamos a la playa un rato
Hay un sol que no creias
Yo tengo que llevarte junto a mi.

Aparte amor
Yo tengo aquí una melodía
Que en cuanto la vi flechamos
Porque recordaba mucho a ti.

Despierta amor
Que ya ha empezado el medio día
Se te va a antojar la tarde
Y tengo ganas de oír tu voz.

La luz solar
Es como de algun recuerdo
No me entenderías nunca
Tienes que asomarte a ver el mar.

Mañana igual nos lastimamos
Y renunciamos a este nuvo gran furor sentimental.

Por eso amor
Andale que cae la tarde
Ya despierta que a la playa
tengo que llevarte junto a mi.

Aparte amor
Esta es la melodía
Que cuando oí yo supe
Que se parecía mucho a tí.

Despierta by David Aguilar (english translation)

Wake up love
Let's go to the beach for a while
There is a sun that you did not believe
I have to take you with me.

Apart from love
I have here? a melody
That as soon as I saw her we shot
Because I remembered you very much.

Wake up love
That the half day has already begun
You're going to crave the afternoon
And I want to hear your voice.

It's like some memory
You will never understand me
You have to look out to see the sea.

Tomorrow we still hurt ourselves
And we renounce this new great sentimental fury.

That's why love
Andale that evening falls
Already wake up that to the beach
I have to take you with me.

Apart from love
This is the melody
What when o? I knew
Which looked a lot like you?

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