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O Soave Fanciulla and many other song lyrics of Andrea Bocelli translated into english can be found in Translate Lyrics! What does O Soave Fanciulla mean in english?
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O Soave Fanciulla by Andrea Bocelli (original lyric)

O soave fanciulla, o dolce viso
di mite circonfuso alba lunar
in te, vivo ravviso il sogno
ch’io vorrei sempre sognar!

Ah! tu sol comandi, amor!...

Fremon già nell’anima
le dolcezze estreme,
nel bacio freme amor!

Oh! come dolci scendono
le sue lusinghe al core...
tu sol comandi, amore!...

No, per pietà!

Sei mia!

V’aspettan gli amici...

Già mi mandi via?

Vorrei dir... ma non oso...

Se venissi con voi?

Che?... Mimì?
Sarebbe così dolce restar qui.
C’è freddo fuori.

Vi starò vicina!...

E al ritorno?


Dammi il braccio, mia piccina.

Obbedisco, signor!

Che m’ami di’...

Io t’amo!

Amore! Amor! Amor!

O Soave Fanciulla by Andrea Bocelli (english translation)

O sweet girl, or sweet face
of mildly circuited lunar dawn
in you, I remember the dream
ch ?? I would always dream!

Ah! you alone commands, amor! ...

Fremon already in the soul
the extreme sweetness,
in the kiss he quivers love!

Oh! how sweet they go down
his flattery to the core ...
you alone commands, love! ...

No, for pity!

You are mine!

V ?? ??expect friends ...

Already send me away?

I would like to say ... but I dare not ...


If I came with you?

What? ... Mimì?
It would be so sweet to stay here.
It's cold outside.

I will stay close to you! ...

And on the way back?


Give me the arm, my little one.

I obey, sir!

What do you love? ...

I love you!

Love! Amor! Amor!

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