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O Dolci Mani by Andrea Bocelli (original lyric)

O dolci mani mansuete e pure,
o mani elitte a bell'opre pietose,
a carezzar fanciulli, a coglier rose,
a pregar, giunte per le sventure.
Dunque in vio, fatte dall'amor secure,
giustizia le sue sacre armi depose?
Voi deste morte, o man vittoriose,
o dolci mani mansuete e pure!

O Dolci Mani by Andrea Bocelli (english translation)

Or gentle, handsome and pure hands,
or hands elite to good pity,
a carezzar of children, a coglier rose,
to pray, come to misfortune.
Therefore, in love, made by love secure,
Justice His Sacred Weapons Deployed?
You are destined to die, or victorious,
or gentle, handsome hands!

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