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Nuestro Encuentro and many other song lyrics of Andrea Bocelli translated into english can be found in Translate Lyrics! What does Nuestro Encuentro mean in english?
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Nuestro Encuentro by Andrea Bocelli (original lyric)

Cuanto mas me voy a equivocar, yo no lo se
Si quizás me puedo estar a equivocando otra vez
Cuantas cosas mas me quedan por cambiar
De toda mi amargura
Aceptar la historia de este nuestro encuentro
Es un gran locura
Mi amor ya ven pronto
Yo resisto
Si tu no apareces
Yo no existo,
No existo, no existo
Estoy triste entre la gente que
Hoy pasa por mi lado
La nostalgia de tenerte entre mis brazos
Es mas fuerte que mi llanto
Este sol enciende sobre mi
Un signo de esperanza
La ilusión que tengo
De volverte a ver
Y el tiempo no me alcanza
Preciso acabar logo com isso
Preciso lembrar que eu existo
Que eu existo que eu existo
Luces tiendas coches por las calles
Se confunden en mi mente
Ya mi sombra esta cansada de seguirme
Y el día se muere lentamente
No me queda que volver de nuevo a casa
Y a mi triste vida
Y la vida que he querido darte a ti
Las has hecho migas enseguida
Na na na....

Nuestro Encuentro by Andrea Bocelli (english translation)

The more I'm going to make a mistake, I do not know
If maybe I can be wrong again
How many more things I have left to change
Of all my bitterness
Accept the story of this our meeting
It is a great madness
My love, come soon
I resist
If you do not show up
I do not exist,
I do not exist, I do not exist
I'm sad among the people who
Today passes by my side
The nostalgia of having you in my arms
It's stronger than my crying
This sun lights over me
A sign of hope
The illusion that I have
To see you again
And time does not reach me
I need to finish logo com isso
I need to lembrar that I exist
That I exist that I exist
Lights shops cars through the streets
They get confused in my mind
Already my shadow is tired of following me
And the day dies slowly
I do not have to go back home
And to my sad life
And the life that I wanted to give to you
You've made them crumbs right away
Na na na ....

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