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Era Todo Ya Previsto by Andrea Bocelli (original lyric)

Era ya todo previsto,
desde cuando tú bailando
me besaste a escondidas,
mientras él que no miraba,
a los otros les contaba
de las cosas que tú dices,
de las cosas que tú haces
en los momentos del amor.
Mientras te abrazaba fuerte
y tú me decías, suave,
“no lo amo, no lo amo”.

Era ya todo previsto,
hasta el punto que sabía
que tú hoy me habías dicho
esas cosas que me dices,
que no somos ya felices,
que soy demasiado bueno,
que tú un nombre necesitas,
que satisfacerte sepa,
que con sólo dar no basta,
que también tener quisieras
el amor, mas cuál amor.

Era ya todo previsto,
hasta el hombre que escogías,
la sonrisa que le haces
mientras te esta llevando lejos.
He previsto que me habría
quedado solo en casa mía,
y me echo en la cama,
y me abrazo a tu almohada,
solamente no he previsto,
no he previsto que ahora yo
morir quisiera.

Era Todo Ya Previsto by Andrea Bocelli (english translation)

It was already planned,
from when you dancing
you kissed me secretly,
while he who was not looking,
I told the others
of the things that you say,
of the things that you do
in the moments of love.
While I hugged you strong
and you said to me, soft,
I do not love him, I do not love him?

It was already planned,
to the point that I knew
that you today told me
those things that you tell me,
that we are not happy anymore,
I'm too good,
that you need a name,
that please you know,
that just giving is not enough,
that also have you want
love, but what love.

It was already planned,
even the man you chose,
the smile you make her
while it is taking you away.
I anticipated that I would have
I was alone in my house,
and I lie in bed,
and I hug my pillow,
I just did not plan,
I have not foreseen that now I
I would like to die

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