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E lucevan le stelle and many other song lyrics of Andrea Bocelli translated into english can be found in Translate Lyrics! What does E lucevan le stelle mean in english?
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E lucevan le stelle by Andrea Bocelli (original lyric)

E lucevan le stelle… ed olezzava
La terra… stridea l’uscio
Dell’orto… e un passo sfiorava la rena..
Entrava ella, fragrante,
Mi cadea fra le braccia ...
Oh dolci baci, o languide carezze,
Mentr’io fremente
La belle forme discioglea dai veli!
Svani per sempre il sogno mio d’amore ...
L’ora el fuggita ...
E muoio disperato!
E non ho amato mai tanto la vita!

E lucevan le stelle by Andrea Bocelli (english translation)

And the stars were shining? and oiled
The earth? I stepped forward
Dell? Garden? and a step touched the kidney ..
She entered, fragrant,
I fell in my arms ...
Oh sweet kisses, or languid caresses,
I'm going freely
The beautiful forms discioglea by the veils!
Same forever my dream of love ...
Now I flee ...
And I die desperate!
And I've never loved life so much!

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