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Champan by Andrea Bocelli (original lyric)

Champan, a brindar por tu encuentro,
Por ti, que ya eras de otro,
Recuerdas esa noche que dije,
A todos en mi casa quiero invitar

Champan, empezaba la fiesta,
Y a ti, te subió a la cabeza,
A mí nada me interesaba,
Mis ojos ya buscaban sólo a ti.

Después una excusa busqué
Y quise acompañarte,
Para quedar a solas tú y yo,
Tal vez tan sólo en mí pensé
Como eres, yo te amé,
Por vez primera y última.

Champan, por el dulce secreto,
Que fue nuestro amor prohibido,
Pero hoy quedan sólo en la copa,
Recuerdos que quisiera abandonar.

Lo sé, me miras y ya sé
Que es una tontería brindar
Si no se tiene compañía,
Ya ves, celebro el olvido,
De aquel amor perdido,
Camarero, champan.

Champan by Andrea Bocelli (english translation)

Champagne, to toast for your meeting,
Because of you, who were already someone else's,
Remember that night I said,
Everyone in my house I want to invite

Champagne, the party began,
And to you, it went to your head,
Nothing interested me,
My eyes were already looking only for you.

After an excuse I searched
And I wanted to accompany you,
To be alone with you and me,
Maybe only in me I thought
As you are, I loved you,
For the first and last time.

Champagne, for the sweet secret,
That was our forbidden love,
But today they remain only in the cup,
Memories that I would like to leave.

I know, you look at me and I know
What is foolish to offer
If you do not have company,
You see, I celebrate oblivion,
Of that lost love,
Waiter, champagne.

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