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A Vucchella and many other song lyrics of Andrea Bocelli translated into english can be found in Translate Lyrics! What does A Vucchella mean in english?
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A Vucchella by Andrea Bocelli (original lyric)

Sì, comm’a nu sciorillo
Tu tiene na vucchella
Nu poco pocorillo appassuliatella.
Meh, dammillo, dammillo,
- è comm’a na rusella -
Dammillo nu vasillo,
Dammillo, cannetella!

Dammillo e pigliatillo,
Nu vaso piccerillo
Comm’a chesta vucchella,
Che pare na rusella
Nu poco pocorillo appassuliatella.

A Vucchella by Andrea Bocelli (english translation)

S ?, comm? Nu nu sciorillo
He's holding you on the hook
No little pocorillo appassuliatella.
Meh, Dammillo, Dammillo,
-? comm? a na rusella -
Dammillo nu vasillo,
Dammillo, cannellone!

Dammillo and pigliatillo,
Nu vase piccerillo
Comm? A chesta vucchella,
That sounds like a rush
No little pocorillo appassuliatella.

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