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Yo no te hago alta and many other song lyrics of Ana Gabriel translated into english can be found in Translate Lyrics! What does Yo no te hago alta mean in english?
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Yo no te hago alta by Ana Gabriel (original lyric)

No te esfuerces por buscar
alguna excusa,
se bien que tienes que partir,
tanta prisa por llegar tienes ahora
hasta el sitio donde esperan ya por ti.
Te agradezco los momentos
que me diste,
no hace falta que te diga nada mas
las palabras que tenia yo guardada
seguirán por mucho tiempo solo en mi.

Yo no te hago falta,
eso ya lo se
ni ahora, ni mañana
siempre ha sido asi.
Busco una salida,
ya no se que hacer, voy a enloquecer.

Yo no te hago falta,
ni antes ni despues
tu no sientes nada,
es triste saber.
(se repite estribillo).

Yo no te hago alta by Ana Gabriel (english translation)

Do not strain to search
some excuse,
it's good that you have to leave,
so much hurry to get you have now
to the place where they already wait for you.
I appreciate the moments
what you give me,
I do not have to tell you anything else
the words that I had kept
they will continue for a long time only in me.

You do not need me,
I already know that
neither now nor tomorrow
It has always been like this.
I'm looking for an exit,
I do not know what to do anymore, I'm going crazy.

You do not need me,
neither before nor after
you do not feel anything,
It's sad to know.
(chorus repeats).

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