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Ven a ver llover and many other song lyrics of Ana Gabriel translated into english can be found in Translate Lyrics! What does Ven a ver llover mean in english?
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Ven a ver llover by Ana Gabriel (original lyric)

Ven conmigo a ver llover
Ven, las nubes traen paz por ti
Mira como el sol se va.

Cuando ves llover asi
El amor se vuelve azul
Lo se, pues mi alma flota.

Yo solo se
que, bonito es ver llover
Eso lo se
Pues la lluvia magia es.
Deja pues, mojar tus pies.

Si la lluvia ves caer
Tienes que saber vivir
Gozar con la lluvia sobre ti.

Y antes de que salga el sol
Con la lluvia hay que bailar los dos
Cuerpo a cuerpo, amandonos.

Yo solo se... se repite

Yo solo se... se repite

Ven a ver llover by Ana Gabriel (english translation)

Come with me to see rain
Come, the clouds bring peace for you
Watch as the sun goes away.

When you see it rain
Love turns blue
I know, because my soul floats.

I only know
what, it's nice to see it rain
I know that
Well, the magic rain is.
Let go, wet your feet.

If the rain you see fall
You have to know how to live
Enjoy with the rain on you.

And before the sun comes up
With the rain you have to dance the two
Body to body, loving us.

I just ... is repeated

I just ... is repeated

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