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T lo decidiste by Ana Gabriel (original lyric)

Te fuistes sin siquiera despedirte
pensastes ya despues me buscara
pues mira te fallaron tus deceos
y al final de cuantas fuistes tu quien me extrao

Me niegas por orgullo a tus amigos
y bajas la mirada por temor
les mientes al decir que me olvidastes
pues nunca inmaginastes llorar por este amor

{ coro }

Nadie sabe lo que tiene hasta que lo ve perdido
nunca tu devistes decidirlo
pues creo que eran cosas de los dos
nunca tu devistes decidirlo
pues mira ya aprendistes la leccion

Te fuistes sin decirme los motivos
y yo me preguntaba que paso
el tiempo se te fue pasando
y ahora tu me dices que quieres regresar

Y vienes a contarme tu tristeza
y quieres aclarar la situacion
pretendes que yo olvide los detalles
que perdone todo y volvamos a empezar.

{ se rep. coro }

T lo decidiste by Ana Gabriel (english translation)

You went without even saying goodbye
you thought and after I looked for
Well, look, your ads failed
and at the end of how many were you who miss me

You deny me for your friends pride
and look down for fear
You lie to them when you say you forgot me
for you never imagined crying for this love

{ chorus }

Nobody knows what he has until he sees it lost
you never had to decide
Well, I think they were both
you never had to decide
Well, look, you already learned the lesson

You left without telling me the reasons
and I was wondering what happened
the time was passing by
and now you tell me you want to go back

And you come to tell me your sadness
and you want to clarify the situation
you want me to forget the details
forgive everything and let's start again.

{rep. chorus }

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