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Reconciliación by Ana Gabriel (original lyric)

Quisiera convencerte que es mentira
que yo te traicioné con otro amor
pero mi orgullo me ha detenido
y no podrás gozar mi humillación
A veces por capricho del destino
le damos un pecado al corazón
me mortifica, volver a verte
y darte un segunda explicación

Despreciame si quieres alma mía
castigame si estás en tu deber
que nada ganarás con tu ironia
tú simepre con mi amor has de volver
Te digo que procedes por capricho
por algo que no tiene explicación
y mientras me castigas te castigas
y sueñas con la dulce reconciliación
Despreciame si quieres alma mía
castigame si estás...

Reconciliación by Ana Gabriel (english translation)

I would like to convince you that it is a lie
that I betrayed you with another love
but my pride has stopped me
and you will not be able to enjoy my humiliation
Sometimes on a whim of fate
we give a sin to the heart
it mortifies me, to see you again
and give you a second explanation

Despise me if you want my soul
punish me if you are in your duty
that you will not gain anything with your irony
you always with my love you have to go back
I tell you that you proceed on a whim
for something that has no explanation
and while you punish me you punish
and you dream of sweet reconciliation
Despise me if you want my soul
punish me if you are ...

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