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Que te vaya bonito and many other song lyrics of Ana Gabriel translated into english can be found in Translate Lyrics! What does Que te vaya bonito mean in english?
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Que te vaya bonito by Ana Gabriel (original lyric)

Ojala que te vaya bonito

ojala que se acaben tus penas

que te digan que yo ya no existo

y que conozcas personas mas buenas

que te den lo que no pude darte

aunque yo te haya dado de todo

nunca mas volvere a molestarte

te adore te perdi ya ni modo

Cuantas cosas quedaron prendidas

hasta dentro del fondo de mi alma

cuantas luces dejaste encendidas

yo no se como voy a apagarlas

Ojala que mi amor no te duela

ni te olvides de mi

para siempre

que se llenen de sangre tus venas

y te vista la vida de suerte

Yo no se si tu ausencia me mate

aunque tengo mi pecho de acero

pero nadie me llame cobarde

sin saber hasta donde la quiero

Cuantas cosas quedaron perdidas

Que te vaya bonito by Ana Gabriel (english translation)

I hope that it may be nice

I hope your sorrows are over

to be told that I no longer exist

and that you know better people

give you what I could not give you

although I have given you everything

I will never bother you again

I adore you I lost you no way

How many things were left on

even in the depths of my soul

how many lights did you leave on

I do not know how I'm going to turn them off

I hope my love does not hurt

do not forget about me


Let your veins fill with blood

and I'll see you the life of luck

I do not know if your absence kills me

although I have my steel chest

but nobody calls me a coward

not knowing where I want it

How many things were lost

Only among all we can make this a better place :)

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