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Qué Manera de Perder and many other song lyrics of Ana Gabriel translated into english can be found in Translate Lyrics! What does Qué Manera de Perder mean in english?
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Qué Manera de Perder by Ana Gabriel (original lyric)

Ahora si ya es impopsible
el vivir juntos tu y yo
vete ya por el camino
que la suerte te marco

A mi lado no lo nieges
fuistes mucho muy féliz
pero eso no lo entiendes
por que ya nacistes malo
y no hay nada bueno en ti

{ coro }

pero si yo ya sabía
que todo esto pasaría
como diablos fuí a caer

me relleva la tristeza
que desgracia que torpeza
que manera de perder

pero en fin ya nos quisimos
tu te vaz y yo me voy
al perderte voy ganando
anda vete a ver que encuentras
y que te bendiga dios

{ se rep. coro }

Qué Manera de Perder by Ana Gabriel (english translation)

Now if it is already impracticable
living together you and me
go on the road
that luck you frame

Beside me you do not deny it
You were very happy
but that you do not understand
why are you already bad
and there is nothing good in you

{ chorus }

but if I already knew
that all this would happen
how the hell I was going to fall

it saddens me
what misfortune that awkwardness
what a way to lose

but finally we wanted to
you go away and I go
when losing you I'm winning
Go and see what you find
and may God bless you

{rep. chorus }

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