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Las Llaves De Mi Alma and many other song lyrics of Ana Gabriel translated into english can be found in Translate Lyrics! What does Las Llaves De Mi Alma mean in english?
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Las Llaves De Mi Alma by Ana Gabriel (original lyric)

Aquí tienes las llaves de mi alma
Puedes entrar a la hora que tú quieras
Para que veas si hay alguien en el mundo
Que pueda darte lo que yo quisiera
Yo he tratado de sacarte de mi vida
Yo no puedo quererte limpiamente
Pero que quieres que haga vida mía
Si el corazón no ve, tan solo siente
Tu boca, tus ojos y tu pelo
Los llevo en mi mente noche y día
No me pidas que deje de quererte
Después que te entregue la vida mía
Ya he tratado de sacarte...

Las Llaves De Mi Alma by Ana Gabriel (english translation)

Here are the keys to my soul
You can enter at the time you want
So you can see if there is someone in the world
That I can give you what I want
I have tried to get you out of my life
I can not love you cleanly
But what do you want me to do, my life?
If the heart does not see, it just feels
Your mouth, your eyes and your hair
I wear them in my mind night and day
Do not ask me to stop loving you
After I give you my life
I've already tried to get you out ...

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