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La Chancla by Ana Gabriel (original lyric)

Creías que no había de hallar
Cariño como el que perdí
Tan al pelo que lo hallé
Que no me acuerdo de ti.

Una sota y un caballo
Burlarse quería de mí, hay
Mal haya quien dijo miedo
Si para morir nací.

Amigos les contare
Una acción particular
Si me quieren se querer
Si me olvidan se olvidar

Un orgullo solo tengo
Que a naiden le se rogar
Que la chancla que yo tiro
No la vuelvo a levantar.

La Chancla by Ana Gabriel (english translation)

You thought there was nothing to find
Honey like the one I lost
So to the hair that I found it
That I do not remember you.

A jack and a horse
Teasing wanted me, there
There are some who said fear
If I was born to die.

Friends I will tell you
A particular action
If they want to love me
If you forget me forget

A pride I only have
That naiden beg
That the flip flop that I shot
I do not raise it again.

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