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Historia de un Amor by Ana Gabriel (original lyric)

Ya no estas mas a mi lado corazon,
y en el alma solo tengo soledad,
y si ya no puedo verte,
porque Dios me hizo quererte,
para hacerme sufrir mas.

Siempre fuiste la razón de mi existir,
adorarte para mi fue religión,
y en tus labios encontraba,
el amor que me brindaba,
el calor y tu pasión.


Es la historia de un amor,
como no hay otra igual,
que me hizo comprender,
todo el bien y todo el mal,
que le dio luz a mi vida,
apagandola después,
ay, que noche tan obscura,
sin tu amor no viviré.

Ya no estas mas.,.... (se repite)

siempre fuiste..... (se repite)

coro........ (se repite)

Ya no estas.... (se repite)

Historia de un Amor by Ana Gabriel (english translation)

You are no longer my heart,
and in the soul I only have loneliness,
and if I can not see you anymore,
because God made me love you,
to make me suffer more.

You were always the reason of my existence,
worshiping for me was religion,
and in your lips I found,
the love that he gave me,
the heat and your passion.


It's the story of a love,
As there is no other like it,
what made me understand,
all good and all evil,
that gave light to my life,
turning it off later,
Oh, what a dark night,
without your love, not live ?.

You are no longer., ... (repeats)

you were always ..... (repeats)

chorus ........ (repeated)

You are no longer ... (repeats)

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