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Hasta Que Te Conocí and many other song lyrics of Ana Gabriel translated into english can be found in Translate Lyrics! What does Hasta Que Te Conocí mean in english?
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Hasta Que Te Conocí by Ana Gabriel (original lyric)

Yo viva tan distinto, algo hermoso,
Algo divino, lleno de felicidad
Yo sabia de alegras, la belleza de la vida,
Pero no de soledad, pero no de soledad,
De eso y muchas cosas mas
Yo jams sufr, yo jams llore,
Yo era muy feliz....yo viva muy bien

Hasta que te conoc,
Vi la vida con dolor
No te miento fui feliz,
Aunque con muy poco amor
Y muy tarde comprend,
Que no te deba amar
Porque ahora pienso en ti,
Mas que ayer, mucho ms

Yo jams sufr, yo jams lloras,
Yo era muy feliz... Pero te encontr

Yo no quiero que me digas
Si vali o no la pena
El haberte conocido
Porque no te creo mas
Y es que tu fuiste muy mala
Si muy mala conmigo
Por eso no te quiero
No te quiero ver jams

Hasta Que Te Conocí by Ana Gabriel (english translation)

I live so different, something beautiful,
Something divine, full of happiness
I knew about joy, the beauty of life,
But not of loneliness, but not of loneliness,
Of that and many other things
I never suffer, I never cry,
I was very happy ... I live very well

Until I met you,
I saw life with pain
I do not lie to you, I was happy,
Although with very little love
And very late understand,
That you should not love
Because now I think of you,
More than yesterday, much more

I never suffer, I never cry,
I was very happy ... But I found you

I do not want you to tell me
If it was worth it or not
He has known you
Because I do not believe you anymore
And you were very bad
Yes very bad with me
That's why I do not love you
I do not want to see you jams

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