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El Cigarrillo by Ana Gabriel (original lyric)

Anoche estuve conversando con mi cigarrillo
me senti cansada, cansada, aburrida y tan vacia
que a veces hasta pienso, que ni siquiera existo
que a veces hasta pienso, que ni siquiera existo

lo encendi muy lentamente le di una fumada
y al mirar el humo que en el espacio se volatizaba
recorde tantas cosas que crei olvidadas
se las conte todas mientras que lo fumaba

le converse de ti y de mis aņoranzas
le conte de tus besos y de mis esperanzas
le conte de tu olvido, de mis lagrimas tantas
de aquello que vivimos y que hoy se ha vuelto nada

le dije que es posible que a mi nadie me quiera
por que he intentado vivir a mi manera
por que me he negado a pagar el tributo
de bajeza y pecado que hoy nos exige el mundo.

que a la mejor estoy acabada o que la vida me ha vencido
que he sufrido y he llorado, que he luchado y he reido
y que es lo que he ganado por ser asi tan comprensiva
solo vivir desesperada, en un mundo tan vacio.

anoche estuve conversando con mi cigarrillo
y al terminarlo pensando me quede entre suspėros
que en este verso triste, que es el mundo en que vivo
solo el me va quedando, como unico amigo.

El Cigarrillo by Ana Gabriel (english translation)

Last night I was talking with my cigarette
I felt tired, tired, bored and so empty
that sometimes I even think that I do not even exist
that sometimes I even think that I do not even exist

I lit it very slowly I gave him a smoke
and when looking at the smoke that in space was volatilized
remember so many things that I thought forgotten
he told them all while smoking him

I talk about you and my prayers
I told you about your kisses and my hopes
I told you of your forgetfulness, of my many tears
of what we live and that today has become nothing

I told him that it is possible that nobody loves me
why have I tried to live my way
because I refused to pay the tribute
of baseness and sin that the world demands of us today.

that maybe I'm finished or that life has beaten me
that I have suffered and cried, that I have fought and laughed
and what I have gained by being so understanding
only to live desperate, in a world so empty.

last night I was talking with my cigarette
and when I finished thinking I stayed between sighs
that in this sad verse, which is the world in which I live
only he is leaving me, as a single friend.

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