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Se me van las ganas by Alejandro Fernández (original lyric)

Como andaria de loco por ti como andaria,
que hasta los versos de amor te escribi en esos dias,
hoy le desmiento a mi mente ilusa esa falseta
por que resulta que tu no eres musa ni yo poeta.

Te aprovechaste y lusiste a mi lado con tracendencia,
cuando me allaba en el ultimo grado de la inconciencia
si en mi locura deseaba tenerte toda una semana,
hoy que estoy conciente nadamas de verte
se me van las ganas.

Se me van las ganas by Alejandro Fernández (english translation)

As crazy as you would walk,
that even the love verses I wrote to you in those days,
today I dismiss my false mind that falseta
because it turns out that you are not a muse or a poet.

You took advantage of it and you showed my side with trance,
when I rallied in the last degree of unconsciousness
if in my madness I wanted to have you a whole week,
today I'm aware you're not seeing
I feel like it.

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