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Cuando el destino by Alejandro Fernández (original lyric)

No vengo a pedirte amores,
Ya no quiero tu cariño,
Si una vez, te ame en la vida,
No lo vuelvas a decir.

Me contaron tus amigos,
Q te encuentras muy solita,
Q maldices a tu suerte,
Porq piensas mucho en mí.

Es por eso, q he venido,
A reírme de tu pena,
Yo q a Dios le había pedido,
Q te hundiera más q a mí.

Dios, me ha dado ese capricho,
Y he venido a verte hundida,
Para hacerte yo en la vida,
Lo q tu me hiciste a mi

Ya lo vez como el destino,
Todo cobra y nada olvida,
Ya lo vez como un cariño,
Nos arrastra y nos humilla.

Q bonita es la venganza,
Cuando Dios nos la concede,
Yo sabía q en la revancha
Te tenia, q hacer perder.

Ahí te dejo, mi desprecio,
Yo q tanto te adorada,
Pa q veas, cual es el precio,
De las leyes del querer.

Cuando el destino by Alejandro Fernández (english translation)

I do not come to ask you for love,
I do not want your love anymore,
If once, I love you in life,
Do not say it again.

They told me your friends,
Q you are very lonely,
Q curse your luck,
Why do you think a lot about me?

That's why, I've come,
To remind me of your grief,
I asked God,
Would it sink you more than me?

God, has given me that whim,
And I came to see you sunk,
To make you in life,
What you did to me

Already the time as the destination,
Everything charges and nothing forgets,
Already time as a cari? O,
It drags us and humiliates us.

Pretty is revenge,
When God gives it to us,
I knew that in the rematch
I had you, make you lose.

Ah? I leave you, my contempt,
I love you so much,
So you see, what is the price,
Of the laws of wanting.

Only among all we can make this a better place :)

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