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Cenizas by Alejandro Fernández (original lyric)

Cuantas veces tu piel amorosa
Yo desperdicié
Y tus besos se hicieron cenizas
Y yo no te ame

Cuantas veces buscaste el cariño
Que yo te negue
Y aun asi me seguiste queriendo
Y siendome fiel

Cuantas veces tu dulce mirada
En llanto volvi
Y tus lagrimas las escondiste
Y nunca las vi

Tu sonrisa la fui transformando
En trsiteza febril
Y aun asi me seguiste queriendo
Y siendome fiel

Yo hize cenizas tus ansias
Cuando te entregabas
Cenizas tu rabia
Cuando te enojabas
Cenizas tus sueños
Y tus ilusiones
Las hize cenizas

Yo hice cenizas tus besos
Tus tiernas caricias
Cenizas tus dias
Y tus alegrias
Cenizas tus noches
De ardientes pasiones
Las hice cenizas
Las hize cenizas
Tan solo cenizas

Cenizas by Alejandro Fernández (english translation)

How many times your loving skin
I wasted
And your kisses became ashes
And I do not love you

How many times did you look for the love
That I deny you
And yet you still loved me
And being faithful

How many times your sweet look
In tears I returned
And your tears you hid
And I never saw them

Your smile was transforming
In feverish trsiteza
And yet you still loved me
And being faithful

I made ashes your cravings
When you gave yourself
Ashes your rage
When you got angry
Ashes your dreams
And your illusions
I made them ash

I made ashes your kisses
Your tender caresses
Ashes your days
And your joys
Ashes your nights
Of ardent passions
I made them ashes
I made them ash
Only ashes

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