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Canta Corazón by Alejandro Fernández (original lyric)

Canta Corazón
Que mis ojos ya la vieron por aqui
Que he soñado con su risa, que he pasado por su casa
Que ha venido porque quiere ser feliz.

Canta Corazon
Que el amor de mis amores ya esta aqui
Que he guardado cada carta, que escribi con las palabras
Que sembraste en cada beso que te di.

Y con el tiempo te pensaba aferrada a mis manos
Y con la lluvia consolaba tu ausencia en los años
Y con el tiempo yo sabia que algun dia
Moririas por volver.

Te lo dije cantando, te lo dije de frente
Que volverias conmigo
Volverias porque no quieres perderme.

Te lo dije cantando, te lo dije de frente
Que sin mis besos no puedes empezar una mañana
Y sacarme de tu vida
Y de tu mente.

Canta Corazon
Que en la vida estaba escrito que ella y yo
Eramos abril y marzo Canta Corazón
Una gota en el desierto
Que ibamos a estar tan juntos como la luna y el sol

Canta Corazón by Alejandro Fernández (english translation)

Sing heart
That my eyes already saw it here
That I have been soothed by his laughter, that I have passed by his house
That he came because he wants to be happy.

Sing heart
That the love of my loves is already here
That I have kept each letter, which I wrote with the words
That you sowed in every kiss I gave you.

And over time I thought you clung to my hands
And with the rain comforted your absence in the years
And over time I knew that someday
You would die for coming back.

I told you singing, I told you straight
You would go back with me
You would come back because you do not want to lose me.

I told you singing, I told you straight
That without my kisses you can not start a morning
And get me out of your life.
And of your mind.

Sing heart
That in life it was written that she and I
It was April and March Singing Heart
A drop in the desert
That we were to be as close together as the moon and the sun

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