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Amante torero by Alejandro Fernández (original lyric)

Contigo yo era un joven novillero
que ingenuo se entregaba a tus caricias
más de mirar al sol tendido al ruedo
torero quise ser de mi desdicha
tome la alternativa en mi agonia
vestido de pasión en oro y plata
que haciendo de tu entrega una faena
lidiaba tus sensuales embestidas

Amante torero
corazón de torero yo tengo
que con arte yo templo tus besos
aunque arriesgue la vida por ellos
amante torero
eso soy yo tu amante torero
que se planta valiente en el ruedo
desafiando de cerca tu cuerpo
amante torero
amante torero

Ahora que la lidia se termina
en suaves trincherazos te doblego
y al encontrar en tí casta divina
merece que te indulte con mis besos

Amante torero by Alejandro Fernández (english translation)

With you I was a young novillero
how naive he gave himself to your caresses
more to look at the sun lying in the ring
bullfighter I wanted to be of my misfortune
take the alternative in my agony
passion dress in gold and silver
that making your delivery a job
I fought your sensual onslaughts

Bullfighter lover
Torero's heart I have
that with art I temple your kisses
even if he risked his life for them
bullfighter lover
that's me, your bullfighter lover
that is brave plant in the ring
challenging your body up close
bullfighter lover
bullfighter lover

Now that the fight is over
in soft digging I bend you
and by finding in you divine caste
deserves to be forgiven with my kisses

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